account manager

Happy clients and smart design begin with Strategic, thoughtful account management. 


I have a deep respect for the strategic process and visual execution of creative work. I am most at home when able to collaborate with a team of progressive thinkers. My experience involves Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, non-profits, and startups, resulting in a multifaceted understanding of varying levels of client needs and expectations. 

I utilize my experience in client management and my foundation in managing comprehensive print and digital projects to push boundaries, explore limits, and think beyond the expected to augment established strategy, processes, and project flow within a shop. My intent is to perpetually learn and create holistic, relevant experiences that yield greater results and returns with clients.

I strive to foster trusting spaces for clients and creatives to feel engaged and heard. By approaching projects from a position of openness, I am able to dissect and convert multiple perspectives into highly-organized, tactical solutions, inducing continued client buy-in and actionable steps for creatives. And, because you asked, I was born and raised in the PNW and am a coffee consuming, Armenian food eating, equity-focused team member.

Resume and References available upon request